• Create the Ripple Effect. The Outreach Process is our proven, effective approach to resolving poverty through community involvement, individual empowerment, and sustainable methods for continued success. Our staff works closely to develop communities and build partnerships between neighbors, ensuring your gifts are more than just another handout.
  • What’s the only essential element of community-led development? Leadership! Okay, and also a community too, but the local leaders thing is our organizing principle. Doing our best means knowing the most, and the more people who know the particulars, the more we can do together. Equip and inform local leaders with basic values, knowledge and skills in problem-solving, organizational development and management.
  • You Are My Fav Card Catcus Card
    We created these three cards for two reasons: 1) To spark more joy in the world, as friendly people write kind notes for whomever needs to hear it, and 2) to provide another means of support for our community partners worldwide as they work together (from a safe distance!) to stay safe and healthy to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. It’s more than nice — it’s good!
  • 3 Ducks Donita Duck
    Real ducks are too busy for cuddles, but Donita’s mastered the balance between business and pleasure. She’s 6” of plush, cuddly efficiency, happy to work overtime whenever you feel like adding more hugs to her to-do list.
  • Aprons provide a practical buffer between chefs and the unpredictability of kitchen life. Outreach has a similar function in the lives of our partners – protecting against hazards, and empowering gifted hands’ great work. The Outreach Apron achieves these things and more – specifically, it includes an International Recipe Card that features delicious dishes three recipes, one from each continent where Outreach works! There’s no such thing as too many cooks in Outreach’s kitchen.
  • Soap for a Family 8818-Soap-1
    Healthy habits and clean routines are pretty important, these days. Get your very own bar of Outreach’s Hope Soap, a cinnamon-scented, bubbly reminder of your role in the health and happiness of our partners, and all the other stuff that keeps everyone feeling so great. Each bar of Hope Soap comes in a small cotton Outreach gift bag, which is the perfect size to hold jewelry, Scrabble tiles, knick-knacks, and the collective hopes for the bright future we all share.
  • Life can get complicated, and expensive, without warning. A community-managed, low-interest, multi-purpose loan provides households with a buoy, and protects them from sharks, until they can get back on their feet.
  • While it is surprisingly affordable for farmers in Outreach-affiliated communities to establish their own organic farms, the sustainable benefits of additional income and improved nutritional diversity for families is pretty much exactly what you’d expect: Terrific. Help local farmers plant the seeds of their own success with a low-interest, community-managed loan to cover startup costs, and they’ll do the rest.
  • On or off the cob, corn is up for anything. A hearty staple on its own, and an able ingredient for a cornucopia of healthy meals, corn is as easy to enjoy as it is to plant, cultivate and sell at market. One bag of corn goes the distance for families – filling tummies when served as ably as it fills fields when planted.
  • Ingredients make the meal! Alone, a bag of lentils or a liter of cooking oil won’t make much, but together, as well as in combination with other foods, they work wonders to keep families safe and healthy for all the meals to come.
  • How are local leaders maintaining and sustaining community momentum in a COVID-complicated world? While some of their work continues unchanged, much of it has moved online. Provide a community with a smartphone, laptop, and printer, and help them stay connected with the electronic essentials to keep the good going, no matter the distance.
  • Determination can go pretty far, but it goes farther when it’s on a motorbike. Help Outreach facilitators bring empowerment to communities’ doorsteps while respecting the safety regulations of their local governments and protecting the health of our partners. Everyone on your Zoom call agrees: You can cover a lot more ground in person, and people can cover a lot more ground on a motorbike.
  • When it’s time for communities to meet, they need more than a shady spot to sit. Equip local leaders and Outreach facilitators with paper, markers, tape and an easel, and give them, and every other community member a way to share ideas, take notes, and make plans wherever they go.
  • A SPROUT community is a truly special place. It’s where local leaders from an established Outreach-affiliated community share their expertise with neighboring communities, facilitating the same community-led development they’ve learned and earned with a whole new audience. Funding a SPROUT community for a year is an efficient, low-cost, organic way to spread Outreach’s work, and an incredible way for those who have benefitted from facilitation to maximize its impact.
  • For communities located in remote locations, medical care can seem out of reach. Provide a community member with a visit to a health clinic, and help equip them with everything they need to feel well while they do good.
  • Healthy habits and clean routines are pretty important these days. A supply of soap keeps all the hands in a family nice n’ clean, and helps keep every other part nice n’ healthy.
  • Beans are one of the only foods so hearty, healthy, versatile and varied that they feature prominently in both folklore and song. A bag of beans provides a family with a steady supply of meal options in a large enough quantity to try ‘em all.