Hello, we’re Outreach International. We facilitate community-led development worldwide.

For 40 years, we’ve worked alongside communities all over the globe to address issues related to chronic poverty. In 171 field–program locations, spanning 10 countries, our team of 103 international staff members cultivates new mindsets and new milestones to mark the path toward personal empowerment and sustainable development.

Think of this as a shop that sells process, not products. Every item we offer represents an outcome of our work — a goal reached, a dream realized, another empowered step forward for a community whose people are working together to lift themselves into a more prosperous, hopeful future.

For example, we have a listing for a dozen tree saplings in our “Farming” category. A few months ago, after significant organizing, planning, and preparation, neighbors in Nicaragua planted 600 fruit trees and 800 ornamental trees throughout their community in the space of three days. Those trees will provide benefits that grow more robust and reliable for generations to come. Elsewhere this year, women from DR Congo organized an adult literacy course and celebrated their graduation by signing their names on a chalkboard — for the first time in their lives. Every item in our shop directly supports more amazing work like this in communities around the world.


Do we dole out unnecessary goats to families? Nope, never. That’d make more problems for everyone, including the goats. We honor your generosity in the most ethical, effective way possible by furnishing resources only after a community has demonstrated its developmental readiness. Empowering our partners means equipping them with the right tools at the right time, to ensure that the needs being met address the causes of chronic poverty, not the effects of it. Every single item in this catalog has recently, is currently, or will soon be realized in our Outreach communities.

100%  =  100%

We’re here to help our partners, not to hype ourselves. Honoring our community members, supporters, and mission equally means doing things the hard way once, instead of the easy way over and over again. Thanks to the generosity of a donor covering all of our overhead, 100% of every gift to Outreach goes entirely and directly to support our work in communities worldwide and facilitates empowered, sustainable, meaningful outcomes that change lives for generations.