2017 Outreach Ornament


The best ribbon one can win? Blue. Best medal? Gold. Best planet? Earth. Best ornament for your tree? These, celebrating the work we do together all over the world, and the resplendent twinkle that reflects all the beautiful people looking on, eyes bright with wonder. Just like your tree, the good stuff we create together is evergreen.

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A lovely blue-and-gold leaf Outreach bauble for your tree, wreath, or anything else you have nearby that seems dangle-worthy. Just so you know: “Be the Good” charms are 16cm x 16cm, gold-engraved, and twinkle like the stars above when the light hits them just right.

Please note that your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $10.

Allow 7-10 days for delivery.

100% of the cost from every purchase on Outreach Shop goes directly to support the women, men, and children throughout our international partner communities. If you ever wondered how to fight poverty, now you know. From our unique approach to community-driven development to the proven, sustainable results it achieves, we’re not just fighting chronic global poverty, we’re winning.

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