Malachite Necklace


Green and Bear It. Handmade in an Outreach affiliated community in DR Congo, each piece of malachite is utterly unique, dappled with swirling spirals, banded stripes, and sparkling spots in every shade of green. Wearing one serves as an opportunity to share stories of Outreach’s work, as well as standing as a symbol of the lasting impact in communities worldwide.


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Sourced from and manufactured by our community partners in Africa, each piece was obtained at a fair price, with those involved in production each compensated equitably for their skill and labor.

Please note that your gift is tax-deductible, less the fair market value of $5.

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100% of the cost from every purchase on Outreach Shop goes directly to support the women, men, and children throughout our international partner communities. If you ever wondered how to fight poverty, now you know. From our unique approach to community-driven development to the proven, sustainable results it achieves, we’re not just fighting chronic global poverty, we’re winning.

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